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Applications / Packaging Machines

Independant if food, pet food or technical products should be packed, we are analysing the application for you. As a result we will specify the best matching packaging machine or system.

Consumables / Maintenance

We supply the matching consumables and carry out the needed maintenance. This is done for our own machines and existing systems of course. Additional we can optimize machines and systems on request.

Consulting / Technical Advice

You want to optimize your production machines or you are planning a new facility/plant? With over 20 years experience in the packaging industry we identify the needed demands and steps for you.

About Us  


√úber uns

We are familiar with packaging, transport and storage of all kinds of bulk goods.

This includes:

  • Food (based on actual FDA requirements)
  • Pet food
  • Potting soil, peat, pellets, de-icing salt
  • Technical products
  • Medical applications (incl. validation, ISO 11607-2)
  • Chemical produts, grain, powder (in hazardous environments on request)
  • ......... and much more

We develop the matching solution for you !

This can be a manual/semi-manual machine or a full-automatic system.

Based on 20 years of experience in the packaging industry we can define the matching state-of-the-art application fast and cost-attractive.

Products and Services



  • Food / Pet Food

  • Technical Products

  • Sand / Stones / Soil / Pellets

  • Medical Technology

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Packaging Machines / Systems

Samples of possible machine types.


  • Vertical Packaging Machines (VFFS)

  • Packaging of Open-Mouth-Bags

  • Shrink Film Packaging / Rotary Sealers / Table Top Sealers

  • Palletizers

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Consumables / Spare Parts

A extract of our product scope.

  • Heatsealing Bands / Impuls Sealing Bars / Sealing Systems

  • Forming Sets / Knives / Mechanical Parts

  • PTFE-Glasfibre-Tapes / Silicone Profiles / Hault-Off Belts

  • Expendable Items (Films, Foils, Premade-Bags, Open-Mouth-Bags, etc.)

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Maintenance / Service


Consulting / Technical Advice

  • Maintenance / Machine Upgrade

  • Repair / Optimization

  • Consulting / Technical Advice

  • Design / Implementation

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