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Forming Shoulders/Sets (for VFFS)


Forming Shoulder


In a vertical packaging machine a forming shoulder is used to manufacture a bag from a flat film. This film is drawn continuously over the forming shoulder. The form of this shoulder and the associated filling tube are responsible for the bag shape and welding design.

Due to the continuous process the forming shoulder is used up at certain areas and must be replaced after a service life depending on the film and product.



We povide suitable spare parts for existing installations. We support you in current applications concerning the format of you new forming shoulder. 


Forming Set

We deliver forming shoulders for:

  • Flat bags
  • Bags with rounded edges
  • Bags with sharp edgaes
  • Bags with 4-corner sealing
  • Stand-Up pouches
  • 4-sides sealing pouch
  • Doypack
  • lots more

including the suitable accessories such as

  • edge profiling
  • bag spreader
  • deflexions
  • etc.



Bag Types

The following list is a abstract of our product range. Please contact us for more information.


Pillow Bag  Bag
with round corners

Pillow Bag


Bag with round corners



with sharp edges

with four side seals

Bag with sharp edges


Bag with four side seals



with round bottom



Doypack with round bottom


Pillow Bag 4x4  

Pillow Bag 4x4










Seam Variants

Not only the bag type can be realized according customers requests. The seam can be realized in different variants too.

Based on the sample of a pillow bag we want to show the possible seam variants as followed.

Seam variants of forming shoulders/sets


For each bag type different seam variants can be realized. Contact us, we would like to implement your inquiries.



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