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Sand / Stones / Soil / Pellets


CV5150 with bag pressFor packing granular and powder bulk materials a lot of experience and know-how is needed. We can support you with a matching packaging machine in the following fields:

•  Soil / Flower Earth
•  Peat
•  Compost
•  Wooden Fibres / Coconut Fibres
•  Charcoal
•  Premixes
•  Wooden Pellets
•  Stones / Gravel / Sand
•  Building Materials (Gypsum, Cement, etc.)
•  Food / Petfood (Salt, Sugar, etc.)
•  Chemical Products
•  Plastic Parts / Granulates



Machine TypesCV5080 with conveyor belt


  • Bag dimensions: 450x680mm max.
  • Speed: Up to 35Bags/min
  • Bag weight: 25kg nax.
  • Bag size: 30Liter max.



  • Bag dimensions: 570x970mm max.
  • Speed:  Up to 35Bags/min
  • Bag weight: 50kg max.
  • Bag size: 80Liter max.


CV5125Pallete with bags

  • Bag dimensions: 650x1170mm max.
  • Speed:  Up to 22Bags/min
  • Bag weight: 50kg max.
  • Bag size: 120Liter max.


CV5150Pallete with bales

  • Bag dimensions: 750x1170mm max.
  • Bale dimensions: 400x400x800mm max.
  • Speed:  Up to 20Bags/min or 4-6Bales/min
  • Bag/Bale weight: 50kg max.
  • Bag/Bale size: 150Liter max.



Dosers / Weighing UnitsDoser DNSTAR3

Depending on the product and the application the best matching doser or weighing unit will be used.

  • Band Doser (Single belt)
  • Band Doser (Double belt)
  • Screw Doser
  • Cup Dosers
  • Band Weigher



Infeed Funnels / Conveyor Belts / MixersProduction plant, Infeed funnels, Mixer

Our qualification is the packaging machine not only.
We can specify and deliver the complete production plant on request:

  • Infeed funnels
  • Conveyor belts
  • BigBag discharge stations
  • Stations for feeding fertilizers (liquid, powder or granular)
  • Magnets for metal separation
  • Mixers
  • Bag press
  • Check weighers
  • Outfeed belts
  • .... and much more


Please contact us. We would like to start a personal discussion with you.







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