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Conveyor Belts


Conveyor belt with potatoes

The available variants of conveyor belts are as manifold as the products for the transport itself.

•  Robust versions for agricultural and building applications
•  Easy to clean and with IP65 protection for food applications
•  With sidewalls and fins for a smooth and gentle product transport

 We specify the matching conveyor belt for your application. Cost-effective and with short lead times.Conveyor belt with fins



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Rotary Buffer Tables


Rotary buffer table, concave, with castors

Rotary buffer tables - or even buffer plates - serve basically three processes:

•  Orderly supply of products
•  Disordered bufferung of products (e.g. pouches)
•  Orderly buffering of products (e.g. bottles)


All buffer plates are made of brushed stainless steel and are available as standard with the following features:Rotary buffer table, plain, with sideguard

  • Table diameter 1200/1400mm (other diameters on request)
  • Rotation speed adjustable between 4-19 turns/min
  • Standard working height of the table is 810mm (other working heights - up to 1000mm - on request)
  • With rubber feets as standard, castors with break as option
  • Height adjustment in a range of +/- 40mm
  • Electrical connection: 0,18kW/0,7A; 400VAC 50Hz


For several table types we have standard and heavy-duty layouts available.



Table Types

Samples of possible table types


Rotary buffer table, concave, with rolls

Concave Table

Standard version

Rotary buffer table, concave, heavy-duty version

Concave Table

Heavy-duty version



Rotary buffer table, plain, with sideguard

Plain Table

Standard version
With sideguard for orderly
 guidance of the products

Rotary buffer table, plain, heavy-duty version

Plain Table

Heavy-duty version




Rotary buffer table, convex

Convex Table

For arranging the products at the
outside and facilitating the removal

Rotary buffer table, Cup-version


For collecting the products
in the middle of the table



Drehteller, Sonderausführung

Customized Version

Small table with 600mm

Drehteller, Sonderausführung

Customized Version

Large table with 1800mm




Here you will see some samples of possible options. We design the rotary buffer table matching perfectly to your application.


Rotary buffer table, plain, with coating

Coating with PTFE
or plastic

For protecting the product surface

Drehteller konkav, schwere Ausführung

Guiding plates
and rails

For orderly guidance of the products



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Pallet with wooden pellets

Our robust and fully automated palletizers is able to stack up to 2000 bags per hour. Depending on the laying list the product is stored with an servo-driven handling arm at the right place. With lateral positioning arms all bags are pushed together and layed at the next trays after opening the laying tablets.

After closing the laying tablets the underlying layers/bags are pressed against the laying tablet to thereby obtain a stable stratification. This results a very stable stack and the possibility to stack much higher as without this compression.

When the quantity of layer is reached the pallet is lowered and automatically transported smoothly. A new pallet is provided. Possibly with or without a protection sheet.




Benefits summary:Pallet

  • Fully automatic, robust palletizer
  • Up to 2.000 bags/sacks per hour
  • For bags from 2kg to 50kg
  • Free laying design of the stacking pattern
  • Automatic format change in bag size change
  • Stable palletizing by layer compression
  • Remote maintenance




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