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RO 3003 Rotary Sealer

Independent if a hand-work place is needed or the level of automation is proceeded. 

We develop - together with you - the matching packaging solution for your application. Very often the highest efficiency is the outcome of a simple and easy solution.



 We provide the perfect matching heat sealer or welding machine for your application.



Machine Types

Based on the requirements of your application there are several Heat Sealers and Welding Machines with different performance characteristics and working width available.

Hereinafter you will find an extract of our product portfolio. If the described machines do not fit, please contact us. We cannot show all machines on the homepage, sorry. Customized adaptions, modifications and developments are possible without problems. 



  • Semi-automatic Impuls Heat Sealer for PE, PP
    und light coated materials
  • Sealbar closing with electromagnet (solonoid)
  • Digital control of sealing parameters
    (with LCD-Display)
  • Working width 470mm or 620mm
  • Seam width 4mm
  • Cutting knife as option

cgm digit





  • Heavy duty and high flexible Impulse Heat Sealer
  • To be used with PE, Aluminium and 
    coated paper bags
  • Sealbar closing with three electromagnets
  • Seam width 8mm, so usable for sterile pouches
  • Working width 550mm, 720mm, 900mm
    or 1100mm
  • Vacuum system as option
    (Venturi system, vacuum 80%)




miniro poly

  • Rotary-Sealer for PE, PP, PP/PA, PA/PA, Tyvek
    and other heat sealable laminated materials pouches
  • Sealing speed 6m/min max.
  • LCD-Display with two lines and 16 characters
  • Validatable version available as option

miniro poly




RO 3001

  • High speed Rotary-Sealer for all types of sealable materials
  • For a wide operation range like food, chemical,
    medical, parts and assembly, etc.
  • Sealing speed 12m/min max.
  • Height adjustable conveyor belt (for bag transport)

ro 3001




RO 3003

  • Rotary-Sealer for all types of sealable materials
  • Especially for heavy duty bags
  • Sealing speed 20m/min max.
  • Seam width 15mm
  • Height adjustable sealing unit

ro 3003


.... and much more, please contact us !


Technical data subject to change



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